Corporate Chaos Subscription 20 Participant Per Month

Empower your team's potential with Liberty City Rage Room's exciting monthly subscription! For just $700 a month ($35 per employee), send up to 20 employees to engage in exhilarating activities like Office Annihilation, Dining Room Destruction, Blind Batter, Margarita Mindwrecker, and Shopping Cart Fury. These activities are perfect for reinforcing valuable team skills such as collaboration, communication, conflict management, cooperation, critical thinking, decision-making, leadership, listening, negotiations, organization, problem-solving, project management, time management, and overall teamwork. It's also a fantastic way for new employees to bond and get acquainted with colleagues and management. Embrace a unique way to boost morale and productivity in a fun, dynamic environment. 

20 employees get to participate in the following activities:

Office Annihilation with 1 Bundle of Breakables: Smash an office with a monitor, keyboard, printer or computer tower, 2 other electronics, 2 large items, 3 medium items, 50 small items. 

Dining Room Destruction with 1 Bundle of Breakables: Pulverize a five place dining room setting: with 4 large items, 5 medium items, 50 small items.

Blind Batter: a blindfolded player smashes items based on directions of their team members while avoiding misdirection from the opposing team. The object is to break as many of their team's items as possible without hitting the opposing team's items.

Margarita Mindwrecker: Each teams builds a pyramid with margarita glasses and then tosses balls with the aim to land them inside the glasses. The balls that make it into the higher levels earn more points but the teams must ensuring their pyramid is stable to avoid tipping it over.

Shopping Cart Fury: two teams fill grocery carts with glassware and then ram the carts into each other, aiming to strategically place items to avoid breakage while breaking the opponent's items, with the value of surviving items determining the score.

All participants must wear shoes or boots that have sturdy soles and cover the toes. You will be walking on broken glass that might penetrate soft sole shoes. Please do not wear open toe shoes such as sandals or soft sole shoes such as Crocks, house-shoes, or moccasins. 

Long pants are recommended but not necessary. We will furnish and require participants to wear coveralls, gloves, safety glasses or goggles, and a hard hat. All personal protective equipment (PPE) that we provide is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to issue. Participants are free to wear their own PPE if desired.

We also require all participants to sign a release of liability form before participating. Sign the Release of Liability Form HERE.

Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by their legal guardian or a responsible adult. The guardian or responsible adult does not have to participate, but must be present during all activities the child participates in. If the guardian or adult chooses not to participate, they can watch the activities through a viewing window. If the legal guardian cannot be present during the activities the child's legal guardian must sign a release of liability form on behalf of the child. Sign the Release of Liability Form here.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time to don protective gear, sign forms, and listen to the safety briefing.

Each of our two rooms have a capacity of 5 people, therefore only five people can participate in each activity. If you have more than five participants you will be required to book more than one activity.

If you have more than five participants CLICK HERE TO BOOK MORE THAN ONE ACTIVITY.


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