Corporate Activities

Unlock a refreshing way to empower your team with the Corporate Activities at Liberty City Rage Room. By offering a fusion of fun and dynamism, our sessions ensure your team unwinds and rejuvenates, paving the way for increased collaboration and enhanced creativity. Dive deep into our offerings, whether it's our hallmark Corporate Chaos or the serene yet exciting Break Time-corporate activity. Our range of options caters to all – be it an adrenaline-packed experience or a relaxed break.

Engaging Team Experiences for Enhanced Collaboration

Our activities are not just about taking a break but about recharging for greater productivity and fostering team spirit. With Corporate Chaos, we create the ideal environment for your team to let off steam. Whether it's office annihilation or a team building challenge, these sessions offer an unparalleled experience. Alternatively, the Break Time activity is your ticket to an effortless booking experience. Simply select the number of attendees, and we take care of the rest. Furthermore, hosting board meetings, business meetings, or parties has never been this fun, thanks to our spacious boardroom/party room. Experience the best in Midland, TX, right here at Liberty City Rage Room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Chaos is a set of activities designed to help teams unwind and break away from the daily grind. Choose from activities like Office Annihilation, Dining Room Destruction, and/or participate in our team building activities to enjoy a unique team experience.

Corporate Chaos allows team members to de-stress and bond, fostering collaboration and creativity.

Activities include Office Annihilation, Dining Room Destruction, Bedroom Beatdown, and other team-building exercises.

Safety is paramount. Participants must adhere to our safety requirements, including wearing protective equipment. All equipment is sanitized before use.

Yes, depending on the number of participants, you'll need to select a certain number of activities.

Break Time is about taking a break by breaking stuff. You select the number of attendees, and we handle the rest.

Giving your team a unique way to unwind revitalizes their energy and boosts productivity.

Participants can break items based on their package. Additional items can be added at checkout.

Every participant's safety is our priority. For more details on our activities and bookings, feel free to browse through our website.