Corporate Chaos Tournament

Welcome to the Ultimate Corporate Team-Building Experience!

Are you ready to take your team to the next level? The Corporate Chaos Tournament at Liberty City Rage Room is designed to do just that. This thrilling competition combines fun, strategy, and teamwork, providing an unparalleled team-building experience. Here's everything you need to know about the tournament and how you can get involved.

What is the Corporate Chaos Tournament?

The Corporate Chaos Tournament is a unique and exhilarating event where teams from various companies compete in a series of destructive yet constructive activities. Starting on September 1, 2024, this tournament will bring out the best in your employees, encouraging collaboration, creativity, and a healthy dose of competition.


$400/month: 10 employees, 2 teams, 5 activities

$1,000/month: 30 employees, 6 teams, 15 activities

The Activities:

Office Annihilation: Smash an office setup with breakables including a monitor, keyboard, printer, two other electronics, 2 large glass items, 3 medium glass items, 50 small glass items.



Dining Room Destruction: Pulverize a five place dining room setting with items including plates, glasses, bowls, vases, etc. Items: 4 large items, 5 medium items, 50 small items.



Blind Batter: A blindfolded team member smashes items based on directions from their teammates while avoiding misdirection from the opposing team.

Gain points by breaking your teams items, you lose points if you break the opposing teams items.



Margarita Mindwrecker: Build a pyramid with margarita glasses and aim to land balls in them. The higher the level you get the balls in, the more points you get. Maintain pyramid stability to avoid losing points.



Shopping Cart Fury: 

Teams fill grocery carts with dishes and ram them into each other. Strategically place items to avoid breakage while trying to break the opponent's items.


How It Works:

  1. Departmental Competitions: Each department within your company selects five members to form a team and compete in the activities.

  2. Inter-Company Face-Off: The winning team from your company advances to compete against teams from other companies within the same industry.

  3. Industry Showdown: The best teams from each industry face off against teams from other industries.

  4. Grand Finale: The top two teams compete in a final showdown to become the Corporate Chaos Champion.

Why Participate?

  1. Team Building: Enhance communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills in a fun and dynamic environment.
  2. Stress Relief: Provide a fun and therapeutic outlet for employees, giving them a break from the daily grind, boosting morale and engagement.
  3. Networking: Offers opportunities to meet and interact with employees from other companies, fostering business relationships.
  4. Brand Visibility: Companies will get publicity through these events, enhancing their brand image and presence in the community.
  5. Bragging Rights: Earn the title of Corporate Chaos Champion and showcase your company's teamwork and competitive spirit.

    How to Join:

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    Get your team ready for the ultimate test of skill, strategy, and teamwork. To learn more and register your team, contact us at 1-432-756-6050 or sign up by purchasing one of the subscriptions below. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this exciting tournament and boost your team's morale and unity!

      Join the fun, smash the competition, and become the Corporate Chaos Champion!


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      2 Teams $400 per month

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      6 Teams $1,000 per month

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