Shopping Cart Fury

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In this game, two teams go shopping and adds a bunch of dishes to their grocery cart. There is a feud between the shoppers and without regard to their dishes, the two shoppers ram their carts head-on into each other. The object of the game is to strategically place items in the cart so they don't get broke, but push the cart hard enough into the opponent to break all their items. The value of each teams surviving items are tallied up and added to that teams score. 

  • Each team has $25 to purchase dishes of their choice from the dish shelf. The dishes vary in size and cost.:
    • Large sized dishes $10 each.
    • Medium sized dishes $5 each
    • Small sized dishes $1 each
  • The team members have 10 minutes to purchase and strategically place the dishes in their cart to keep the dishes safe in case some furious shopper rams their cart. The whole $25 must be spent. 
  • Once both teams have the items in their carts a team member from each team will push the carts into each other causing them to collide. The dollar amount of the unbroken items in each teams cart will be added to that teams score. 
This activity requires 2 or more people. Limit 1 to 5 people per team. This activity costs $50 for up to 10 people (two teams). If you have more than 10 people who want to play this game please click here and select this game twice for 11-20 people and three times for 21 to 30 people.

All participants must wear shoes or boots that have sturdy soles and cover the toes. You will be walking on broken glass that might penetrate soft sole shoes. Please do not wear open toe shoes such as sandals or soft sole shoes such as Crocks, house-shoes, or moccasins. 

Long pants are recommended but not necessary. We will furnish and require participants to wear coveralls, gloves, safety glasses or goggles, and a hard hat. All personal protective equipment (PPE) that we provide is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to issue. Participants are free to wear their own PPE if desired.

We also require all participants to sign a release of liability form before participating. Sign the Release of Liability Form HERE.

Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by their legal guardian or a responsible adult. The guardian or responsible adult does not have to participate, but must be present during all activities the child participates in. If the guardian or adult chooses not to participate, they can watch the activities through a viewing window. If the legal guardian cannot be present during the activities the child's legal guardian must sign a release of liability form on behalf of the child. Sign the Release of Liability Form here.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time to don protective gear, sign forms, and listen to the safety briefing.

Each of our two rooms have a capacity of 5 people, therefore only five people can participate in each activity. If you have more than five participants you will be required to book more than one activity.

If you have more than five participants CLICK HERE TO BOOK MORE THAN ONE ACTIVITY.

Unleash Shopping Cart Fury – The Ultimate Collision Challenge

At Liberty City Rage Room, delve into the adrenaline-pumping experience of Shopping Cart Fury. Set in the heart of Liberty City Rage Room in Midland, TX, two teams face off in a battle of strategy and might. Curate a shopping list, plan your defenses, and brace for impact. Whether you're seeking a unique team-building activity or a day of pure, thrilling fun, this challenge promises unforgettable memories. Think you have the strategic mind and guts to win?

Get Ready for the Fury: Pre-game Preparations and Rules

Dive into the dynamics of Shopping Cart Fury and prepare to outwit and outplay your competitors. Equipped with a $25 budget, each team handpicks dishes ranging from large to small sizes. But it's not just about shopping; strategically position your items to withstand the impending impact. The real thrill? Ramming your cart into the opponent's, aiming to break their items while protecting yours. With points awarded based on the value of the items that survived, may the best team reign supreme. This adrenaline-packed activity caters to groups of 2 to 10 individuals. Participants, gear up with provided safety equipment and ensure you've signed the necessary forms before diving into the fury. Young enthusiasts under 17 are welcome, accompanied by an adult guardian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teams get a budget, shop for dishes, and ram carts aiming to break the opponent's items while saving theirs.

To protect your items during the collision, increase the chances of your items surviving and scoring points.

Yes, children under 17 can participate but must be accompanied by a legal guardian or a responsible adult.

Please navigate through our website for booking options and detailed procedures.

Yes, while we provide sanitized PPE, participants can wear their safety gear.

Including preparations, the activity length can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It's recommended to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time for a smooth experience.

Dubbed as the best thing to do in Midland, TX, Liberty City Rage Room offers an array of smashing experiences. Beyond Shopping Cart Fury, explore other heart-racing activities, ideal for birthdays, corporate events, and more. Dive deeper into our website for more. Whether it's a family outing or a team-building activity, unleash your fury and create lasting memories.


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