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That pesky computer pissing you off? Conference call got you fired up? Ever feel like smashing up your office? Well, you can't because you'd face some serious consequences. 
You can however release your rage at Liberty City Rage Room with no consequence. We'll set up an office for you to annihilate and you won't have any regrets.

You’ll get 20 minutes to smash the following items:
  • 1 Monitor
  • 1 Printer
  • 2 Electronics (Phone, Calculator, Computer Tower etc.)
  • 1 Keyboard 
  • 20 Small Items

    If you want to break more electronics, furniture, or other breakables, feel free to add them on the cart page.

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    Office Annihilation: Unleash Your Work Frustrations at Liberty City Rage Room

    Experience the cathartic thrill of letting loose your work-related stress with the Office Annihilation experience at Liberty City Rage Room. We offer you an outlet to vent your pent-up tensions and frustrations in a unique, safe, and controlled environment. Smash and destroy to your heart's content with our immersive Office Annihilation activity.

    Relieve the pressures of your workday by wreaking havoc on office furniture and supplies. From shattering computer monitors to obliterating printers and smashing office decor, the Office Annihilation experience lets you physically vent your frustrations without any repercussions. It's the ultimate stress relief therapy for anyone who's ever felt overwhelmed by their office environment.

    Enhance Your Experience: Additional Add-ons for Total Office Devastation

    For those who wish to maximize their destruction, we offer a range of additional add-ons. Ramp up your rage with furniture pieces, electronic gadgets, or even glassware. You can tailor your Office Annihilation experience to match your anger levels. Get your adrenaline pumping with every swing of the bat and release the pent-up stress that's been weighing you down.

    We understand that you may have questions regarding our Office Annihilation activity. Here are some common queries:

    The purpose of the Office Annihilation activity is to provide a therapeutic release for those grappling with work-related stress or frustrations, or for those who just want to break stuff for the fun of it. It's a unique stress management technique that allows participants to unleash their anger in a safe, controlled environment.

    The items available for destruction vary but typically include electronic devices such as computers and printers, general office supplies, and glassware. All items are sourced ethically and are safe to destroy.

    Yes, the activity is completely safe. We provide all necessary protective gear and safety instructions before you begin.

    We place a high priority on safety. Participants must wear protective gear at all times during the activity, follow all safety instructions, and adhere to the guidelines provided by our staff.

    Turn a bad workday around with our Office Annihilation experience. Unleash your work frustrations in a fun, safe, and utterly satisfying way at Liberty City Rage Room. Start smashing today!

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