Add Shopping Cart Fury

In this game, two teams go shopping and adds a bunch of dishes to their grocery cart. There is a feud between the shoppers and without regard to their dishes, the two shoppers ram their carts head-on into each other. The object of the game is to strategically place items in the cart so they don't get broke, but push the cart hard enough into the opponent to break all their items. The value of each teams surviving items are tallied up and added to that teams score. 

  • Each team has $25 to purchase dishes of their choice from the dish shelf. The dishes vary in size and cost.:
    • Large sized dishes $10 each.
    • Medium sized dishes $5 each
    • Small sized dishes $1 each
  • The team members have 10 minutes to purchase and strategically place the dishes in their cart to keep the dishes safe in case some furious shopper rams their cart. The whole $25 must be spent. 
  • Once both teams have the items in their carts a team member from each team will push the carts into each other causing them to collide. The dollar amount of the unbroken items in each teams cart will be added to that teams score. 

This activity requires 2 or more people. Limit 1 to 5 people per team. This activity costs $50 for up to 10 people (two teams). If you have more than 10 people who want to play select this game twice for 11-20 people and three times for 21 to 30 people.

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