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Margarita Mind Wrecker

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This game requires each team to build a pyramid or tower out of margarita glasses then toss balls at the pyramid in an effort to land as many balls inside the margarita glasses as possible. The object is to build a better pyramid or tower than the opposing team, one that is capable of catching balls without tipping over, but you shouldn't build it too close to the ground level because the balls that land in higher levels give the builder more points.

  • Each team has 20 minutes to construct a pyramid or tower using 30 margarita glasses.
  • The first team to finish construction using all 30 glasses earns 30 points.
  • If time expires there is a 2 point penalty for each glass not used.
  • Each team will then have 5 minutes to toss as many balls inside the margarita glasses as possible.
  • Every ball that remains inside the margarita glasses when time expires is scored as 1 point for each level of the pyramid (i.e. bottom level = 1 point, 2nd level = 2 points, etc.).
  • There is a 1 point penalty for every glass that falls off and a 5 point penalty for every glass that is broken.
  • The final phase of the game is a mystery. You're guaranteed to love it.

    This activity requires 2 or more people. Limit 1 to 5 people per team. This activity costs $50 for up to 10 people (two teams). If you have more than 10 people who want to play this game please click here and select this game twice for 11-20 people and three times for 21 to 30 people. 

    All participants must wear shoes or boots that have sturdy soles and cover the toes. You will be walking on broken glass that might penetrate soft sole shoes. Please do not wear open toe shoes such as sandals or soft sole shoes such as Crocks, house-shoes, or moccasins. 

    Long pants are recommended but not necessary. We will furnish and require participants to wear coveralls, gloves, safety glasses or goggles, and a hard hat. All personal protective equipment (PPE) that we provide is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to issue. Participants are free to wear their own PPE if desired.

    We also require all participants to sign a release of liability form before participating. Sign the Release of Liability Form HERE.

    Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by their legal guardian or a responsible adult. The guardian or responsible adult does not have to participate, but must be present during all activities the child participates in. If the guardian or adult chooses not to participate, they can watch the activities through a viewing window. If the legal guardian cannot be present during the activities the child's legal guardian must sign a release of liability form on behalf of the child. Sign the Release of Liability Form here.

    Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time to don protective gear, sign forms, and listen to the safety briefing.

    Each of our two rooms have a capacity of 5 people, therefore only five people can participate in each activity. If you have more than five participants you will be required to book more than one activity.

    If you have more than five participants CLICK HERE TO BOOK MORE THAN ONE ACTIVITY.

    Margarita Mind Wrecker: A Pyramid Building and Tossing Challenge

    Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure that blends strategic thinking, precision, and a touch of competition? Introducing the Margarita Mind Wrecker, a unique and exhilarating team challenge that pushes your creativity and coordination to the limit. Gather your friends, family, or colleagues for an unforgettable experience that tests your ability to construct sturdy pyramids or towers from Margarita glasses.

    Building and Tossing for Points

    Engage in a race against time and gravity as your team endeavors to construct the most impressive Margarita glass pyramid. The objective is clear: build a pyramid or tower that not only stands tall but also serves as a target for your tossing skills. Once the tower is constructed, the real excitement begins. Strategically hurl balls towards the tower, aiming to land them within the Margarita glasses. Each successful toss racks up points, but be careful; a tower that's too precarious might collapse, costing you valuable points.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Gather a group of 2 to 10 players to take on this exciting challenge together.

    Build a stable pyramid or tower out of Margarita glasses and skillfully toss balls to land them inside the glasses for points.

    Each team must construct their tower within the allotted time of 15 minutes, adding an element of urgency to the competition.

    Yes, the team will lose one point for each glass that falls. If the glass breaks, the team will lose two points for each glass that breaks.

    Safety is paramount. Players are advised to handle glasses with care and remain aware of their surroundings during the tossing phase.

    The price for the activity is $50 for up to 10 people. This covers the setup, equipment, and an unforgettable experience. To participate in this exhilarating challenge, please visit


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