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Just Smash-it

If you just want to smash stuff and don't care about selecting an activity: fill out the booking form below then go through the check out process and we will handle the rest. 

Pricing: $35 per participant. Each participant gets to break the following items:

  • 1-Large Item
  • 2-Medium Items
  • 15-Small Items

If this is not enough stuff to break feel free to add more items on the Cart page. 

If you’d rather choose your own items to bash tap Build Your Own Bash  

If you would rather choose which activities to participate in (Office Annihilation, Dining Room Destruction, Bedroom Beatdown, or our team building challenges), click here

All participants must wear shoes or boots that have sturdy soles and cover the toes. You will be walking on broken glass that might penetrate soft sole shoes. Please do not wear open toe shoes such as sandals or soft sole shoes such as Crocks, house-shoes, or moccasins. 

Long pants are recommended but not necessary. We will furnish and require participants to wear coveralls, gloves, safety glasses or goggles, and a hard hat. All personal protective equipment (PPE) that we provide is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to issue. Participants are free to wear their own PPE if desired.

We also require all participants to sign a release of liability form before participating. Sign the Release of Liability Form HERE.

Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by their legal guardian or a responsible adult. The guardian or responsible adult does not have to participate, but must be present during all activities the child participates in. If the guardian or adult chooses not to participate, they can watch the activities through a viewing window. If the legal guardian cannot be present during the activities the child's legal guardian must sign a release of liability form on behalf of the child. Sign the Release of Liability Form here.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time to don protective gear, sign forms, and listen to the safety briefing.

Select the Number of Participants ($35/Person)


Unleash the pent-up emotions and discover the therapeutic delight offered exclusively at Liberty City Rage Room. Dive into our Just Smash-It session, where objects await your fury and release. Familiarize yourself with the profound smash therapy benefits as you shatter stress and frustration, leaving behind a trail of smashed items and a serene soul. The exhilaration isn't just confined to smashing; explore our diverse range of activities tailored for a rejuvenating experience.

Smash away stress and frustration with our exhilarating smashing session

At Liberty City Rage Room, we've designed the perfect escape from the daily grind. Our Just Smash-It session offers a unique therapy of demolishing objects, allowing participants to vent out pent-up emotions and experience cathartic release. And it's not just about mindless smashing; we aim to provide tangible smash therapy benefits that resonate long after the session. With every shatter, break, and crush, find unparalleled relief and liberation. Delve deeper into our collection and discover other captivating activities waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our exclusive session lets participants release their inner fury by smashing objects, providing therapeutic benefits of relief and release.

Participants pay $35 and get to break a set number of items, which include 1 Large Item, 2 Medium Items, and 15 Small Items. Additional items can be added via the Cart page.

Our activities include unique experiences like Office Annihilation, Dining Room Destruction, and Bedroom Beatdown. We also have team-building challenges. For a custom selection, tap on Build Your Own Bash.

For a seamless experience, participants can simply fill out the booking form and let us handle the rest. But remember, safety first! Our top-notch protective equipment ensures everyone's well-being. From hardhats to face shields, we've got you covered. And yes, all are sanitized and ready for use.

For our younger enthusiasts below 17, the presence of a legal guardian or responsible adult is essential. And there's a special viewing window just for those keen to watch without participating.

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