Slingshot Jackpot (Jackpot is Currently $50) - Liberty City Rage Room

Slingshot Jackpot (Jackpot is Currently $55)

Shoot a ball with a slingshot through a one inch hole. If you break the pot behind the hole you win the jackpot. 

3 shots cost $5. If you miss, the $5 goes inside the pot to increase the size of the jackpot. You have the option to purchase shots online or during your session. We update the jackpot amount on our website as soon as possible after the amount changes (usually within 30 minutes). 

Please note that Liberty City Rage Room adds the initial $50 to every jackpot and will take 25% of the jackpot once if it is won on Friday or Saturday. For every $100 in the jackpot, the winner will receive $75. Winner takes all if the jackpot is won on Wednesday or Thursday,

The Slingshot Jackpot game is an add-on only. You must purchase another activity and add Slingshot Jackpot to your activity on the Cart Page, or during your session.