Extreme Bowling

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Bowl like you never bowled before at Liberty City Rage Room, where our pins actually break. Who ever causes the most damage wins.

Game Rules:

1) Pick the object you think will cause the most damage when thrown:

2) Aim at one of the ten shelves:

3) Throw:

4) If you don't break all the items on the shelf, you get one more throw to try to get a spare. 

  • Strikes = 30 Points
  • Spares = 20 Points
  • If you don't get a strike or spare each broken item scores 1 point

5) Whoever has the highest amount of points wins. 



Choose the number of players and number of frames

10 Frames (80 items to break) = $50/person (two guest limit)

5 Frames (40 items to break) = $25/person (four guest limit)

Choose the date and time you would like to play. 

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